Saturday, May 16, 2009

The rich get richer

This is a house that I did the inter trim on. It took 8 guys almost a year to trim out. The house sits on 35 acres and at a cost of 5 million. That was just for the house not the land. Dont get me wrong its a very nice house. I has 9 bedrooms with 7 full bath rooms. The rounded part the you can see goes from the basment all the way to the roof. I rember when the home owner was talking to the fance guy. The home owner said that it was a good deal at a 100,000 to have some of the land fanced off. Thats more than my house was. So like the title of the post The rich get richer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This was a really fast Vett that we had. I really loved this car. We use to show it at Vett shows. We never won any thing with it but it was still to drive to the show and meet over people that loved vetts. As we all know these are really bad times. So we had to sell it. But one day we will buy a new one.