Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On top of old smoky

Well here is another picture of the great smokys. Funny story here, well kinda. We were up in the State Park, which is really nice. One of the best ones I have ever been to. There were posts all over the place WATCH OUT FOR BEARS. Well when I saw that I was like ya right. As many people that are walking around here, a bear would run for his life. So any ways we started to walk 6 miles back into the woods to check out this water fall that everyone said we had to go and check out. (pics of the water fall will be on here soon) Well as we were about 3 miles back guess what we saw. Yep a dam bear!!! I think the words I used was HOLY CRAP A DAM BEAR. Wrong thing to yell in the woods. I don't know who was running faster, us or the bear. So I have learned that when you see post saying Watch out for bears, well thats what it means. lol


Anonymous said...

Mo - Beautiful picture - I love the mountains, especially the Smokies. Being only 5 hours away from Gatlinburg, we go there every fall. I' ve seen a few bears but thankfully never while hiking, usually in Cade's Cove where a mass of cars have all stopped to gawk, and once behind a resturant in Gatlinburg, where he was digging through a dumpster.

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jessie63 said...

Beautiful picture, thanks for the comment on my blog, maybe later you might have some advice...if you ever have any questions of your own...I am here....its been a long painful journey, again thanks:):):) Jessie

Kathy said...

Great picture Mo. Ummmm I can say if I saw a bear, even at my age, I could out run the fastest runner. LOL I would have proably have said worse than you.